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Badgoev A.G
Категория: Literary pages | Новость от: Admin | 14.01.2011, 17:08

Dear Barak Obama!
As all people of world I would like congratulate you with your election as USA president.
During last 40 years, besides of my investigations on nonlinear waves in mechanics. I spend by investigations in ethics of modern personality, the only great aim of present and future of our planet.
I send you translated on English our published in Russian extended paper on this important problem. It I formerly sent in USA to prof. Paul Kurts, president of All world Academy of Humanism, including humanistic societies of 35 counters, and he encouraged our efforts in this region. Besides I did the translation on English from Russian my early pamphlet “America of Hunt and America of Kennedy”, written in 1968 year, which I wish now realize for publication and propagation in world in connection with known dated of 45 year and 40 year murder of John and Robert Kennedy.
Allow me express my hope that present mankind will be softer toward to its best representatives.
Sincerely Yours
Bagdoev Alexander George.
Correspondent-member of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia,
doctor of phys.-math. sci.

Badgoev A.G., Manukyan E.L., Khalatyan L.L., Nurijanyan A. V., Yu.S. Safaryan
The Unity of Personality Ideas of Kant, Hegel, Nitshe, Vaintsvaig, Plato, David Invicible, Garegin I, Benedikt XVI, T. Sarkisyan.
“I accept the truth regardless who has issued it.”
“I do not agree with your opinion, but I am ready to devote my life for your liberty to express it.”
In present paper theories of creative personality are considered, developed by great philosophers, social psychologists, humanists, and also by representatives of religious confessions. On base of known triad of Hegel about subjective, objective and absolute spirit is done relative gradation of personality, which is containing in each man: ‘Empiric’, ‘Social’ and ‘Super empiric’ man or simply creative subject in all aspects. All this is related also to gradation of whole peoples and states. On this base it is shown complete coincidence of, on first sight contraries, theories of Kant and Nitshe about personality. It is postulated the presence of three unconditional categories: Nature, Civilization, History, whose laws nobody can break with impunity, the corresponding examples are given. It is shown, that often first and second types of man demonstratively break laws of mentioned categories, pursuing in their actions, unnecessary for nobody momentary benefits and ‘victories’. It is shown also unity of view on personality of mentioned thinkers and those of the supreme patriarch of All Armenians Garegin I. It is shown full correspondence of ideas of Plato, developed by representative of his school David Invincible, with theories of Kant, Hegel, Nitshe.

The great German philosopher Hegel in his work ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ wrote that the World Idea in its other being, i.e. in mankind, accomplish the process of self-knowledge. It is well known how it was occurred actually, namely all motions of human history have passed in infinite destructive wars, in violation by the states and their rulers of elementary human rights. Especially brightly it appeared in the XX century, when for two well known totalitarian regimes neither human rights nor even human lives in fact means nothing.
Nowadays, after wreckage of mentioned ‘Empire of harm’ the mankind somehow came to the conclusion that the main value in the world is the human personality and human rights.
In 1990 was published the book of the well known Canadian social psychologist Paul Vaintsvaig ‘Ten precepts for the creative personality” translated into Russian. In its foreword Soviet psychologist V.S.Ageev had written pathetically about actuality of aspirations of the image of valuable, creative in everything personality, especially in questions of interrelation between people. The Biblical character of the name of the book adjusts on the highest hopes in reception of precise recommendations in that important issue, and the author justifies them.
In our paper[1] we, certainly independently, came to the same conclusions as P. Vaintsvaig had. Both he and we put liberty and creation in the first place in the ethics of the creative personality of the present and especially of the future, and appeal to refuse in the vital acts from the purposes of achievement of momentary petty benefits and victories and certainly from aspiration for the domination above people. In his book instead of our term ‘Superempiric personality’ [1,6] or simply subject of creation in all, Vaintsvaig used the concept the ‘Personality Power’. Certainly ‘power’ is considered to be not the household concept of physical power, not even the power of character of aspiration to superiority over surrounding people, but self-perfection of personality, self-knowledge and spiritual perfection.
Non momentary successes and victories over surrounding people can be compared to this Personality Power. About the same it is spoken and in [4], where it is directly told, that attitudes in community are frequently characterized by tactical reasons and momentary benefits, and they do not correspond to those high principles that should be peculiar to attitudes of creative persons who have been proclaimed by the great thinkers, particularly by F. Nitshe. By the way, specified situation in attitudes of people to what it opposed with an image of the raised strong personality that is identical [4] to correctly understood term of the superman entered by it, takes place also in the modern human society consisting from creative persons, but in practical interests cooperating at a lower level [1].
It is necessary to note, that in introduction to the book [4] of the French scientist D. Galevi, it is spoken about the urgency of the question of creation of original philosophy of the person. And in [3] it is directly spoken about the basic value and the purpose of the world development: ‘What is the center of apperception?’, ‘It is the personality’.
Very close to ethical principles of [1-4] are ideas of Christian morals . They were stated in the interview by the Catholicons of All Armenians Garegin I to the famous Italian writer D.Guajta [5], where he said that the human happiness is not in his well-being and momentary benefits, successes and victories, but in self –knowledge and development of the spiritual life. It is deeply stated by Garegin I, that people who are not burdened with families, whose typical representative he was, even unwillingly, began to think in cosmic scale and live with the interests of the Universe.
Now we can return to the problem put forward in the title and in [1-6] of synthesis of ethical studies of great thinkers of the last and the present, and also additions to them being formulated by the first author of [1] in 1968, his ethical problems.
Kant in his ethical recommendations said: “One must relate to man not only as to means but also as to aim”.
F.Nitshe in his book “So it is said by Zaratustra” wrote: “I teach you about ‘Superman’. The man is that what must be overcome”.
“In a man it is great that he is a bridge, not an aim.’’.
“Let your will tell you ‘Superman’ must become the meaning of the Earth”.
The impression is that theories about personality of Kant and Nitshe are opposite. Nevertheless in [1,4,6] it is said that all personality theories of all great philosophers and thinkers almost do not differ from each other, since they have the same aim- creation of image of perfect personality. We shall show that truly interpreted above mentioned declarations of Kant nd Nitshe coincide with each other.
First of all let us remember known, typical far Hegel’s philosophy triad about 3 kinds of man’s spirit, or simply of man, - subjective spirit, objective spirit, absolute spirit.
In [1.6] naturally it is considered, that as the first type of man one must understand “empiric man” with all its dignities and defects, and, it is fixed, that justly it is overcome by the second type of man, namely by social man or simply collective, which has his own truth and morals and makes to obey to them the ‘empirical’ person and to serve together with the all others to the general, other very useful, goals posed by the collective. But also this type of man cannot be the aim of the all development of nature and mankind since each collective has its own “truth” and aims and that brings to collisions of between then and even to wars.
Therefore social man also often must be overcome by ‘Superempiric’ personality, which can be believed, as it was said, as subject of creation in all.
Neither Kant nor Nitshe had carried out that gradation; therefore their statements at first sight are opposite. However, it is easy to understand, and it is agreed with interpretation of Nitshe`s philosophy, given in [4], that by saying ‘man’ he meant just ‘empiric man’ which certainly must overcome his defects and vices, and by saying ‘Superman’ one must understand ‘Superempiric personality’ or simply just object of creation in all.
The same is Kant`s statement which due to height of his philosophy, certainly by saying ‘man’ to whom one must relate as to the aim, meant ‘Superempiric man’. By the way, both Kant and Dostoevsky believed in primary imperfection, certainly in ‘empiric man’ and the same does Christianity in understanding of ‘fall of man’.
Namely, to the such type of man in Kant`s declaration one must relate as to means. By Nitshe that man is a bridge, of course, for passage to ‘superman’.
Thus, using Hegel’s triad about human spirit, we could reconcile and even join Kant`s and Nitshe`s statements about personality. And what about synthesis of ethic studies of their personality theories, it was already said and will be said more in future [2,5].
By the way the first attempt of synthesis of ethic theories and the presence of the ‘sixth sense’ of great Russian writers and thinkers and of the greatest Armenian poet and writer of the XX century was done by west Armenian writer Eduard Hovhanisyan in his book “ Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Sevak”, published in Venice in 1977. The mentioned imperfection of ‘empiric man’ and ‘public man’ first was mentioned by Nitshe , whose phrase is recently often quoted in public papers is the following: “No any great idea, at least in its initial stage avoided distortion and misinterpretation, having passed through mankind”.
To the same conclusion we came independently, and that is why.
Indeed, how many people were killed and burnt in the name of celebration of religious dogmas? Did Christ or Mohammed in their sacred books claim it? How many people were killed in the name of, appeared illusive ‘victory’ of light ideas of communism?
Did Nitshe in his appeals on overcoming the ‘empirical person’ in our terminology claim to create gas chambers? About these distortions of Nitshes ideas by nazi were spoken both in [4] and in the book of Czech expert on ethics Egnst. Certainly, utopian theories could avoid these distortions. The mentioned book [5] also contained the statement of Garegin I that though the real carriers of creative activity are men, the carriers of the spiritual beginning
In interrelations between themselves and confession are women. This, at first sight, the paradoxical conclusion become clear, as Garegin I said, when we considere that men mainly were busy with making career and in interrelation between each other and surrounding, according our terminology at the highest level of ‘public man’, they act no more then on the level of momentary benefits and victories.
By the way, we think, that as a compass for ‘Superempiric personality’ it is necessary to consider the presence of already mentioned triad of categories, laws of which cannot be broken with impunity.
The Nature, the Civilization, the History.
There are also other known concepts, to what everyone worships, but anyhow, they either contain instructions, or through them are expressed. Certainly, laws of Nature sometimes are broken in the important question of continuation of life, but as a rule, there are extenuating circumstances and finally the repentance of the marked person before himself and others takes place that certainly softens and usually eliminates the punishment.
The majority of not strong-willed people simply are rescued by the Civilization, but also for all the others it remains the only way of self –expression and activity, without it they would be simply strong cave people. Nowadays it is well known and consequently that those even bullish figures, who, even sometimes, break its laws, showing not deserved, unjust attitude to the other people, as a rule sooner or later one estimates adequately.
We are going to bring a well-known example about infringement of laws of History and immediate punishment. In 1973 under the initiative of another except M.S.Gorbachev, the Herrostrat-like laureate of the Nobel prise of the world, that he received when he had lost the shameful war for the USA in Vietnam, the State Secretary of the USA G. Kissinger and a well-known American company, had occurred a fascist military coup d’etat in Chile. Israel, which wasn’t asked about it , was the first who recognized that fascist junta, while flown into a rage from blood of citizens military clique applied inhuman tortures towards harmless captives, simply showing ‘a blood bath’ and disgracing not only themselves but also the all Chilean people. As far as we know, during our epoch, representatives of any other nations haven’t shown such senseless sadism towards the fellow citizens. On the next day of the mentioned ‘recognition’, Arabs broke the ‘unapproachable’ Barlev Line, and so the domination of Israel in the Near East was ended.
There are lots of other examples when somebody digs a ditch for the others, he himself gets into it.
And one can ask where the mankind is. Certainly the mankind, to be exact, its best representatives, has created the Civilization and its main norms are well-known. But as it was already said that almost all, without exception, people in the past and the present, operating in their professional activities on the level of creative ‘Superempirical’ personality, as a rule in the interrelation among themselves act on the level of ‘empirical’, and in the best case, of the ‘public’ person, namely open conjuncture and generally speaking, of absolutely useless for them momentary benefits.
And all these maybe are ‘inevitable’ and ‘natural’ but have no connection with the demands of the Civilization. Moreover, it concerns to the mutual relations between nations. In that sense the mankind in name of the state and separate leaders representing it at all levels had to deserve confidence of their citizens - creative or ‘Superempirical’ personalities.
Its estimation of their creative actions and their positions among other people and nations almost never are at above-stated ‘Superempirical’ level. Easier being expressed, we may quote the Russian poet E.Evtushenko, “Justice is a train that is always late”. One must recognize that mentioned reasonings in the occasion of necessity, as possible, to act with the demands of the Civilization which, certainly, nobody can refute look a little bit grandiloquently and pretentiously in comparison with the simple humorous saying of ‘Great Combinator’ from the book of Ilf and Petrov. “ I would like to smash into your face but Zaratustra didn’t allow.”
By the way there is another quotation in the same book from the Bible. The matter is that in [8] devoted to the interpretation of historical and moral Bible truths, it is written that the great Jewish nation already for that feat which it has made by the creation of the Bible, is worth genuflection. It is difficult to add anything to that panegyric . However, also great Laroshfuko had said: “ Great people had great defects.”
So even on that great nation there should be a corresponding compromises. It isn’t a question of household defects that are often primitively and unreasonably attributed to Jews. In close contact the majority of the Jews known to us, are an example of wisdom, modesty and goodwill with sense of humour towards themselves and the surroundings.
As to the compromises, certainly, it is well known on the highest level of power both in politics and in science.
The great compromises consists with the presence at political leaders of Jews of two morals and estimations: in angry condemnation of the Holocaust and in full indifference, and even denying, of its forerunners, and even it is possible to tell confidently, of original cause, of non-recognition of the genocide of the Armenians in 1915. About this original cause once spoke the Frenzied Fuhrer in his appeals to the German soldiers: “Kill. Kill. Kill. Who remembers now the mass murders of Armenians.” Besides as writes in his book S. Ajvazyan , in his times the confessors of Israel -T.Herzl and Vainsman had addressed to the bloodthirsty sultan Hamid with suggestion; “ Help us to create the state of Israel and we `ll help you to solve the Armenian question.” Close to our previous sayings there are in Ajvor Beison`s book “The factor of Zionism”/2001/.
Not standing on other examples let us bring only recommendation of the same ancient Yews from Bible, which is containing also in book of Ilf and Petrov: «Sim the prayer is doing, Kham the wheat is sowing, Jafet the power is hawing». As it is seen the ancient Jews themselves conned to Yews of all times the Zole of creators of spiritual and mental values, the subjects of creation, but, on no account, not rulers over people, which never should not bring to them laurels.
Of course, there are lots of exceptions, too. The most vivid one for us was A. Linkoln, who perhaps excepting of J.Kennedy and F.Roosevelt the only president of the USA, operating according our terminology, at a level of ”Superempirical” person and was its typical example. By the way, in our activities we also, as possible try to be only the subject of creativity and we do not
aspire to any official social standing, i.e. simply to authority, in this case being straight lines, even not consanguinity, successor to Sim.
By the way, the modern civilization and science mainly are carried by Jews. The great german mathematician and philosopher Leibnitz was named ‘genius of compromise’ as he tried in his philosophy to reconcile and approach Christian churches, and also religious morals and morals of the personality, based on the intellect. As one can see we are straight followers of Leibnitz in our aspiration for synthesis. He had met another great philosopher Spinoza and found out that they are antipodes in the question of moral. Both admit the spiritual origin, but Leibnitz, later Kant and Dostoevski, distinguished the presence of good and evil in that origin, appealed towards the bright ideal of the personality itself, as we do. Spinoza considers that in spiritual origin there were no gradation and simply one might adapt for it and for the surrounding reality. It is like very much Bentam`s utility ethics of right understanding of interests.
From our observation, mainly in scientific environment, we may confidently note that the civilized mankind, as it was mentioned, on the level of ‘public’ personality , including relations between scientists, and states, estimations of creative personalities, follow not the ethics of Leibnitz, Kant and Dostoevski, maybe considering it more intelligent whim, but the rational and stiff ethics of Spinoza. But as it was already mentioned, these absolutely different morals of the ‘public’ man, i.e. collectives, countries, confessions will bring the mankind to the unknown. So, propagated by as the morals of ‘Superempiric’ personality or only creative not only in their own profession but also as it is more important, in relations towards themselves and surroundings [2], or that is the same, towards spirit [5], are, maybe, the only mean to unite people all over the world, and as we consider, the salvation of the mankind from itself. In detail, we’ll speak about it in our next article: “The Universe of Spinoza and the Universe of Leibnitz.”(2007, N 10)
We’ll note that Garegin I supported rapprochement of all Christian churches[5].
As it has been told earlier, there is much common in doctrines of great thinkers, which at first sight expresses differently, but at definition to their main aim –creating of an image strong and elevated creative person –spoke the same. It is possible to approve confidently the presence of also full accord of these doctrines with the ones of all Christian churches whose purpose is the same –‘spirituality’ in human being, with appeals to act on that high, by our terminology ‘Superempirical’, level. It is possible to go further, and it was made by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Turkey. The pope had declared that the rescue of the Mankind is in the rapprochement, and, we may add, in community of all religions: Christianity, Moslem, Judaism, Confucianism , Buddhaism, in general for all these doctrines, the creation of an image of the pure high strong personality. There aren’t any differences between these doctrines, as we know.
With regard to the aforesaid it is possible to apply Mao Tsze Donne’s famous saying , ‘Let blossom all the roses’. That can be carried both to unification of all churches and confessions and to mutual relations of scientists.
Another matter is, that individualities of religions, nations and separate people, philosophical doctrines about personality, will certainly keep, but the main thing that unites them, that is to put on the top of the corner the person who is creative in all, anyhow should become the aim of all personalities and people. There is no other way for mankind at all. To say the truth, in present that basic position is known very much, the only question is; how much every day self-interests and cares of people and states prevent the success of that important for everybody aim. And this proverb is related not only to scientific creature, but also to relations among people. As it is said: “One must not only to know much, but also to be able much.”
In comments on Hegel’s philosophy in his philosophical note-books V.I.Lenin often abuses it. And only with that saying he agreed somehow and said, “It is worth of respect the virtue of a peasant and a shepherd, however the right of the World Spirit is above all private rights.” It is well known how that right was used by the leader of the world proletariat. In our everyday life , including in science, conscious or non conscious, many try to represent that right, and there is nothing bad in it. But it is important how one must to understand it, as the right of selfless and devoted serving to truth and to the science or try to treat everybody who can be treated.
Let’s state now briefly the main content of the basic ethical principle offered by us in [1].
We recognize Kant as the greatest authority on ethics. Before his highest Reason, his starry sky and moral duty we stupefied in admiration. Intellect is the most highest. Therefore Ethics should follow the logics [3]. But the Life goes forward, and together with it philosophy does. Now Kant’s Reason and Hegel’s Idea are withstood the Will, as a certain Space effort. Life of the space is a sea of energy from which acts of Will are allocated. These acts shaped the active beginning, generation of a Life and Being . Schopenhauer in his book ‘The World as Will and Presentation’ was the first who introduced that will as the concept ‘Will to Life’. F.Nitshe introduced cosmic ‘Will to Authority’. Bergson interpreted Will as a Vital Burst. We postulate together with Kant, that the maximum display of transcendental in personality is moral law in it, not intellect but moral duty as display of transcendentalism. Therefore at defining the formulating of the beginning of Life we start from ethical.
As a forming beginning that drives the matter to the highest condition, we consider neither Bergson’s Vital Burst, nor Schopenhauer`s will to Life and F.Nitshe`s will to Power but introduced by us moral rank- Will to Freedom.
The Will to Power conducts to nonsenses, to chaos and falsity in the Life. As it is specified in [4], it can be accepted only as Power above oneself in overcoming the weaknesses. The Will to Freedom conducts to progress, to becoming and development of Life that is constant movement to freedom. The Will to Freedom expresses Kant’s categorical imperative. In an empire of freedom Kant searched the realization of high morals.
Hegel made the concept of Freedom terrestrial defining it as true necessity. Communists wished to build a society of freedom in the world and to carry out in it their ideals. The developed of mankind, if to take it in aggregate of the person and the nature, is a movement to a society more free. As we clarified later the terminology of ‘Will to Freedom’ first was introduces by Jean Pole Sartre in his paper “Existentialism and Humanism”.
In [1] we offered an ethical principle that allows to estimate morality of an act and to stimulate the actions. It is formulated so. The act is moral that conducts to the maximal prize of total freedom for creativity. Total freedom is understood as the sum of increments of freedom of all persons concerning an act, thus, probably, the person making act loses, a little in freedom, but other persons participating in a situation, are released so that freedom totally wins. Not getting into details substations of necessity of a such principle, described in [1,6,7] we dare to hope that it is actual and, at least on its experience, we constantly check its correctness and utility in attitudes towards people and first of all towards himself.
In the sense of fidelity of the last statement we shall say that those succeeding personalities, who prefer the vital the vital blessings and momentary benefits to authentic creativity, are always known. By the way in [3] to his occasion is written ‘The knowledge of the world is conducted only through suffering.’ There are lots of examples that can confirm this idea. We’ll bring the most vivid one – about the most gifted and the greatest Soviet mathematician and mechanic M.V.Keldish. His father, who wished him, of course, only good, had said, ‘I thought that from him will turn out Anri Puancare, but it turned out to be only the President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR’.
So to that it is necessary to think of freedom for creativity not only for oneself, but for the surrounding, that usually almost nobody does. Well bring another witty example. It is known that T.Petrosyan differs from other chess players by making complicated combinations and, simply thought not only for himself but also for his contender. This is inherent, certainly, to all chess players but that brightly pronounced feature took away from him much more than from others, but invariably conducted him to success. You can check up on your own experience, whether it is concerned with the attitude between people, mainly between scientists, when somebody aspires to achieve success and only freedom for creativity due to another’s, except for momentary, doubtful success and victory, finally wins nothing.
Concerning such ‘scientific’ disputes and corresponding ‘victories’ does not suit the known saying, ‘In disputes is born the truth’, but it does V.Hugo`s saying ‘ From two arguing is guilty only the one who is cleverer’. On the same theme there is winged, though too severe, saying of N.Winner, the best mathematician of the XX century, the founder of the theory of games,’ the mankind is divided into two categories: fools and rascals. The first ones do not use all means in vital struggle and, certainly, lose, the second use all means and win, i.e. gain the victory. We wouldn’t like someone relate us to the second category. As we have found out, very close to the questions of the article, already more that ten years, on a large scale the Russian Humanitarian Society is engaged. In one of its journals [9] was the interview of the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.L. Ginzburg propagandizing the necessity of secular or civil humanism. In the same number there was an article of the assistant to the editor-in-chief A.G. Kruglov, where it was said, ‘Humanists approve the priority of universal values before any state national, class religious, ets., not denying the right of these private values of existence. This platform will constrain nobody, who only does not want to oppress others’. In the same number [9] we can find the following saying of the academician G.I. Abelev, ‘Today the struggle for reason, humanism and common sense can be conducted only contrary to any common sense’. These and other aspirations of humanists of Russia and all world are according to our aspirations of creation of the general for all ethics creative ‘super empirical personality’, operating according to the cultural, values that are created by the best representatives of the mankind.
It is necessary to note thoroughgoing struggle of humanists with not less thoroughgoing orthodox church in their aspiration to represent ideology and cultural wealth of the modern personality. In this plan our positions are closer the aforesaid positions [5], ideological tolerance and even synthesis of all ideologies and it doesn’t matter whether they are expressed by separate great thinkers or various religious faiths when it is a question about creating an image strong in sense [1-9] of creative in all personalities about what it was in details spoken above.
After writing the main article we have got acquainted with philosophy of the personality developed by the remarkable follower and continuer of ideas of great Plato the great Armenian philosopher of the V century David the Invincible. He wrote quoting his teacher Plato: ‘Philosopher is not one who knows much and not one who speaks much, but one who conducts innocent and pure way of life.’
David the Invincible divided philosophy into 2 parts: theoretical philosophy or according Kant ‘criticism of the pure reason’ and practical philosophy, according Kant ‘ criticism of the practical reason’ and the same as also Kant preferred the second, representing nothing but ethics or the theory of morals for the personality. Here it is approved once again that all great thinkers speaking about the construction of the theory of the moral human personality, express the same ideas. In full accord with F. Nitshe`s ideas about necessity to overcome the weaknesses there is a statement of David the Invincible that proposes of practical philosophy – with assistance of reason is to decorate morals and to subordinate to it the emotions.
In full conformity with Hegel’s philosophy is David’s theory about experiment, that makes the Supreme Essence or the World Idea having created the nature and the mankind, and this beings comes to the self-actualization and to the movement to the basic purpose of the development of the nature and mankind: to the creation of an image of ideal godlike personality i.e. on our terminology ‘super empirical' personality or the subject of creativity in everything, and on Nitsh`s terminology ‘super personality’. The practical philosophy according David is justice that conducts a person and a human society to the perfection. To those Platon`s ideas David added a little with giving due to the knowledge and propagation of the truth, but on the first place puts the kindness. This kind of category in moral theories one couldn`t find anywhere, including in antique, and in German philosophy. Besides, he asserted, that for the kindness one may sometimes wander from the real truth. David`s statement sounded more real to our construction in [6,7] the ideals of Armenians what we consider suitable and for all mankind. It is a question of the spiritual heritage that has been created by the best representatives of all nations and people, that is followed by everyone in the present and in the future, according to their tastes and bents to use for their self-improvement. Hardly there will be such ‘strong’ personality who without essential damage for himself will risk in a pointed manner to neglect that simple unpretentious recommendations. Let`s note that David`s theory about the primary meaning of the category of the kindness is interlaced into the name of PHS [9] where on the first place is humanism.

In paper [10] it is spoken about ethics of science, about that even great scientists of world, as Newton, Kepler, Galilei, Mendel, in any case broke it very much (all it by mentioned phrase of Laroshfuco).
These facts in his interview brought assistant director of Institute of physiology of RAS correspondent- member A.V.Yurevich, specialist on ethics of sciences.
He quoted the famous sociologist Robert Merton, who formulated main ethical norms of scientific activity:
1. Objectivity, i.e. only aspiration to truth
2. Impartiality
3. Communism, i.e. wide association propagation of knowledge, the result of scientist belongs to all
4. By Rene Decart “ Subject of all to doubt”.
And then: “The scientists, probably, more than anyone, are subjective, aspire to glory by all possible means and so on.” These conclusions, declared by leading phycologists are in accordance with main propositions of our paper, i.e. with conclusion that mankind, more precisely its leading representatives, yet must prove its impartialities and competence in precision of creative results of personalities. By recapitulating of all these, we can assume, with more resoluteness, that for greatest effectiveness of the science it must be directed only by Brahmins. The ideas of this paper as well as of the [1,6] are in accordance with ideas of humanism, formulated in [9], where there are not references on Jean Pol Sartor paper “Existentialism and Humanism”, and where there are speaking about priority of common to all mankind values, but in destination from [1,6], do not write what it is.
These ideas of priority of creative person also completely correspond to ideas same today states man given in [11]. In this paper, with the title “Finish of state or new form of society organization”, written in Russian, modern premier-minister of Armenia, formerly known leader of big economic center, declared the ideas of necessity of passing from people interrelations, of present time, based on bureaucrat base to prior with respect to them interactions of people on the base of self-organization in some informations networks associations of creative personalities, free thinking, without any stereotype [11].
Author of [11] named this future society based on mentioned interaction of creative personalities by postindustrial and wrote:
“Self-organization become main indication of postindustrial society, and the key link of taking place in the world processes comes forward the individual - personality”.
As it is seen, there is full correspondence with our conception that the priority value in present time is ‘Super empiric’ or creative in all personality [1, 6].
The second impressionable quotation from [11]:
“In society, where the main resource represents intellect, the freedom is balanced by the complex standards, technological desposity of which into new social net space supposes automatical exclusion of those, who do not accept these norms.”
In our interpretation of these moral norms at interactions of people in society, named in [11] by “culturological base of behavior this means the overcoming the interrelations of people on, generally accepted now, level of empiric, or at best of social man by interrelations on the ‘Superempiric’ or the creative level.
The more close by its content with our text and with [9], quotation from [11] is “In postindustrial society political debets must be conducted around arrangement of the world and only then around arrangement of state.”
Especially big impression makes appeal, containing in [11] about necessity to do revolution in consciousness. He pointed out necessity of passage to new, do not based on previous power form, interrelations of people, since: “Whoever will come to power, he also will do the same, what is doing today, a little better, a little worse, but the same process.” And, speaking on people of present longing to the power, particularly in connection with our republic, he writes [11]: “The alternative to it- is call to the world, it is revolution in thinking, but in Armenia there are not such heroes.”
Of course, one must completely agree with this appeal to allow enter into high level information society only of the high level personalities, who not only know much, but also to be able much. Indeed all known to us men during their interrelations show in this sense that although they know much, but are able nothing. But by comparison with modern science theories [12], one must accept, that unfortunately, as in genetics high level of vitals form with low entropy must be supplemented by low level of mutations, without which can not be the development of species. So we are obliged to accept that the low order of present interrelations among people one can adopt, also in future, but by taking into account and pointing out their low level and necessity of their Submission to aim and demands of high level laws.
The mathematical investigations of such stochastic processes on mentioned low level by means of solution of non linear waves equations for probabilities of processes are done in [13].

1. Bagdoev A.G., Manukyan E.L. About one optimal ethical principle //Information technologies and management. Int. conf. “Applied and mathematical aspects of the natural sciences”. Yerevan, 1999 (In Russian)
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Bagdoev A.G. Correspondent-member of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, chief sci. res. Of Institute of Mechanics NAS RA, graduated in mech.-math. faculty of Moscow State University, 1950-1958 y. from childhood spend by history, author of three monograph on waves and three verse or odes (1961, 1964, 1975) with historical and ethical, as well as, lyrical aspirations. They are published in Russian in Journal: Inf. Tech and Management, 2007, N10.

Manukyan E. L.- postgraduate of the faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University/1997-2003/. The present is lead the TV program on religious ethics, is a director of the press center in Araratian Patriachal Diocese.

Khalatyan L.L.- postgraduate of the faculty of Philology of Yerevan State University. The present occupied position is the lecturer at the Chair of Foreign Languages in YSU.

Nurijanyan A.V. – Scientific researcher - biologist, Switzerland.
Safaryan Yu. S. – Doctor of Phys.Math Sciences, Rector of Goris State University

America of Hunt
America of Kennedy
Translation from Russian text written in 1968y.
Country of ours is great, generous and compassionate
Robert F. Kennedy
Our long-suffering planet Earth is patient. During not so long history of mankind saw many wars, upheavals, undergone terrible ordeals. And the Earth forgave its sons everything, patiently endured their madness and villainies. It received silently the best of its sons, who hadn’t been received in this world and had been returned to the Earth. Stones keep silence, keep lofty secret of martyrs. -------------
Contemporary man survives the hard time. The continuous flow of information, pithy and sensual, moral and destructive, befall him every day. Intensive work and moral struggle absorbs him completely. And he needs good governors too much. Injustices existing in the world shake him and greatly restrict his freedom, his right to dream and create. He is ingenuous as a child, and, as a child, can’t bear negative collision existing since the earliest times, i.e. the triumph of evil over good, the triumph of low over high.
Obviously, John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s greatest mistake was that he had proposed Linden Johnson that he should become a vise–president. This proposal was merely formal devoir, and, taking into account their relations, everybody was sure that Johnson would reject Kennedy’s proposal. At first Johnson, indeed, rejected, but after some time, to everyone's surprise, he agreed. This decision was preceded by Johnson’s meeting with American multi-millionaire Hunt, who was Johnson’s “countryman”. At Hunt’s urgent request, Johnson agreed to take the heavy burden of the unwanted vice-president. One may say, using the American political terminology, that Johnson was Hunt’s man.
The murder in Dallas made a painful impression on the world. Because for many people John Kennedy was not only a great political figure feeling the advanced spirit of the times and doing his best to bring the American reality in correspondence with it. For great many honest people of the world he was also an example of a courageous and affectionate, lofty and intellectual person. He greatly differed from the standards of the modern Americanism with its cult of force and money. And he was killed.
And what was the reaction of official Washington to this unprecedented act of violence? The measures had been undertaken to protect a new president, although nobody was going to make an attempt upon his life. In essence, nothing had been done to disclose conspiracy, although for everybody it was undoubted that the conspiracy had really existed. Rather everything had been done to hide the traces of the crime. The US powerful secret service, which controls many regions of the globe and is aware of the whole truth of many countries better than their own governors do, “failed” to find the thread of the conspiracy against the president of its own country.
It is significant that the FBI chief Edgar Hoover had known beforehand about the imminent attempts but hadn’t undertaken precautionary measures. It is naturally that the US security services and the CIA, being the personification of all that is reactionary in the world arena, hadn’t shown any enthusiasm in disclosing the conspiracy with the purpose of the killing of President John Kennedy, as well as hasn’t shown any activity in finding true killers of Senator Robert Kennedy today. All this, as well as a number of other facts proved that the situation formed after the murder of President Kennedy and the atmosphere of terror towards the progressives of the country suited the great ones of the USA.
President Johnson had proved himself as quite a flexible political figure and at least orally had continued Kennedy’s undertakings (to deserve the Americans’ credit in such a way). But…. Here it is indicative what great role the personality of a statesman plays today.
John Kennedy had dreamed about America in which no racial hatred and the cult of violence which poisons the consciousness of the millions of Americans and impoverish and disfigure their character, exists. Addressing to state troopers defending Negro Meredith from brutal racists, President Kennedy expressed his admiration by their self-control and courage. He himself was like them, and he wanted the Americans to be the same.
Orally and on paper Johnson had continued Kennedy’s policy and contributed to the adoption of the law on civil rights. In deed, he had encouraged the persecution of fighters for the Negroes’ rights and the wild outburst of racists. It was under Johnson that the most dreadful crimes of the racists of the 20th century had been committed and remained unpunished.
In deed, Johnson had sent state troopers not to protect the Negroes’ rights accepted by the Congress from the racist persecutions, but to kill the Negroes indignant at glaring contradiction between the Presidents’ social demagogy and his real actions. Johnson’s actions brought the country to the state of waiting of a civil war.
Buddha said that for abstinence to be of benefit and not to harm, one should carry it out skillfully. The fact that the man being in power in the USA couldn’t understand the high aspirations of his predecessor brought to the fact that the program on the society renovation suggested by Kennedy and unwillingly carried out by Johnson became lifeless and perverted. As a result of Johnson’s government America found itself thrown many dozens of years back ideologically to the worst times of mass lynching.
In his foreign policy Kennedy had been guided most of all by the national interests and the prestige of his country and mode of life presented by him. It is indicative that in the Dominican Republic Kennedy supported Juan Bosch’s democratic government, which protected the national interests of its country. One of Johnson’s first actions was the recognition of the military junta throwing the legal democratic government down, and then shameful intervention in the Dominican Republic for supporting the military representing the interests of a small group of the US lobbyists.
In his policy Kennedy first of all had taken into account the interests of the whole America.
Johnson’s foreign policy is determined not by the interests of the American nation and not by the interests of a big business but by the demands of a small richest and the most aggressive group of the multi-millionaires of the South and West of the country. The destruction of hundred thousands of people, the fall of the prestige of the USA and the so-called free world, and, finally, the undermining of the social balance and the country’s economy – all this is sacrificed to a small group of monopolists, whose representative in the White House is Johnson. Here is the really Texas policy.
When senators Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy delivered a speech with critics of adventurist policy of the president in Vietnam, Johnson plainly threatened that the society where people have so different opinions was going to the catastrophe. What was it: concern for America or a plain undisguised threat? Many people of our planet desiring it to be peaceful and happy were pleased by the President’s refusal to propose his candidature in the elections. However, it is unlikely that Johnson is among the persons feeling that they are not the right men in the right place nobly gave way to worthier ones.
The murder of senator Robert Kennedy was the final stage of the American democracy game. All the honest people of the world bewared of his life and knew that in modern America so visually represented by Johnson’s government it was permitted to kill the best men. And the villainy occurred. How many speeches were made by Johnson to convince the Americans and the whole world of his indignation over occurrence! And what was the most surprising. Johnson didn’t spare words to defame the American way of the life to be represented by him. “The crime has become the norm of the American life,” said the President angrily. It is not surprising, taking into account the fact that the greatest crimes called the crimes of the century remained undisclosed, and the investigation on them has been closed from the top. Why did the President want to lay the blame for crimes on their ordinary executors? Did he act so to permit some people to fish in troubled waters and next time annihilate their ideological opponents the same way quietly? By the way, neither John Kennedy nor his brother senator Robert Kennedy have ever run down their nation and its mode of life and worked for the correction of its defects not by demagogy but by actions.
It is necessary to say that the atmosphere of depression and terror formed in the US political life after the murder of senator Kennedy is quite favorable for today’s government. But it is unlikely that somebody in America and in the world takes seriously the data of Johnson’s speech. Bandits and extremists are itching to commit new (and they are sure) non-punishable crimes. There is a burden of committed injustice and the confidence that this case will be also suppressed on the heart of all the honest people.
Johnson thinks of himself as a strong president. Apparently, he can’t select other positive epithets. But it is known how dangerous the man in this world may be, if he has a power and rely only upon the force. Johnson’s all activities show that he doesn’t respect his nation and the public opinion of humanity. All his speeches are based on ingratiating with the audience and prestidigitation with global terms. Total irresponsibility for his words shows his contempt of wide audience often covering the whole globe. We know from the history examples of such an attitude towards people, “the masses”. For example, Hitler thought that one should speak to the masses the same way as to the “woman”, i.e. to demonstrate the force (and demagogy).
Success, although temporary, of such a politician as Johnson shows how far the public life of the United States became poor and brown.
Texas “Magnificent Seven” has entered the world arena. And in the light of the world policy its “magnificence” vanished, courage evaporated and only bare fist and low shot from behind remained. Formerly, during the struggle of the North against the South, the slave-holding ideology of the latter failed and Lincoln’s bright ideas triumphed, although only formally.
However, the forces of the American reaction killed Lincoln. Today, in the period of the greatest flight of human thought and individuality, the same villainy is repeated at the greatest extent. The murders of the best men of America and humanity follow each other with redoubtable frequency. It gives an impression that the fascist ideology of the South extremists is entangling more and more the American society.
It is no secret that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had put high restrictions on machinations of the South oil monopolies. And President Kennedy had been killed. A new president, being a representative of these monopolies, not only gave them former privileges but also the new ones. Senator Robert Kennedy in his pre-election speeches stated about the necessity of a strict control over the illegal profits of monopolies. And he had been killed.
The severe logic of facts shows that the monopolists may forgive man everything, even his convictions, especially oral exercises in free-thinking, but never forgive the infringement on their profits. Monopolists need their man in the White House, but not free presidents. The notion of money, profit at any price imbuing American way of life has come into an obvious conflict with the demands of the time and life. An attempt to overcome this contradiction is the modest heroism and the martyrdom of Kennedy. This attempt is a shame and tragedy of modern America.
But there is another America brought up on the high ideals of Lincoln and Kennedy. It bears the pain of loss, deep ineffaceable grief silently and with fortitude. It is America of ingenuous, courageous people, who modestly, without posing, fearlessly struggle against injustice. Senator Kennedy from whom the bosses of the big business turned their back addressed to this America of ordinary people, which is as wide as the sea. Being a courageous and high-minded person, he, like his brother John Kennedy, could find the difficult way to the ordinary Americans’ hearts. And people believed him, because he was like them and told them things that were deep in their hearts. That is why America of Hunt hated him.
For all the honest people John Kennedy was an example of a truthful and courageous man, important statesman, who was hard-edged in the struggle for the ideal.
Robert Kennedy will remain in the hearts as a man going to meet his fate with fortitude and is full of love and compassion for his motherland.
Deep is the grief of his motherland losing his best sons. In the year of human rights protection the laws of the American jungles, where only unscrupulous and ambitious mediocrities survive, look like malicious mockery.

Translated from Russion variant, written in 1961y.

Bagdoev Alexander


Through vicious haze of dim Universe
From darkness of unknown heights
We see the bright ray of salvation
Aryans messiah unites.
In darkness gloom is burning, noble,
The light of freedom ideas great
It evil in the hearts ignoble
By own flame incinerate
Armenian my people bright
In you the spirit great is lying
By all your hardships overcoming
It will you bring to holy light
Follow path of thorny throw
Which to you fate is proposing
It is for you the pride’s losing
To quit of glory battle road
Weren’t you genius of redemption
Among the barbarous to stand
Who epoc of Renaissance action
For centuries anticipate.
When the demigods Aryans
Hit their torch over all the earth
Where have been the turgid nations
Who now mock you, jeer you at.
Heroes rose in your Highlands
With struggle wish incorporate
Those who destroyed walls of Trojans
And have constructed Rome the Great
Those whose beacon on Himalaya
We can see in the ancient cold,
Those who created in Nile valley
The first alphabet in the world.

Those who are pride of our glory
But wherever soaring high swords
Deserving is somebody’s sorry
Who had forgotten native sky
And you alone revealed boldness
To keep the peace of native land
You meet the cruel hostile hordes
With raised head and firmly hand

The heavy epocs wish you blind
Under horrible yoke of baiting
Was drooped anything waiting
Your formerly so sparkled mind.
But under torment of terror
What over you the time have pressed
Still burns the fire of soul your,
And slavery chains it bravely melted
Nation, awake open your eyes,
Look the whole planet swims in flow,
So much is trouble and sorrow,
So few perceptions light and nice.
Little reason come to people home
There is no love, no faith emotions.
And if has not become Sodom,
That only sense of the proportions
The self conceited poor follow
You are for yourself Gods Almighty,
In front of strong you bow low,
In front of week you all are mighty
Let thunder triumphant swallow
The lie, the malice and the spite
And tempest will produce rainbow
And Holy reign of reason, own,
Will send us cognition light.
People, whose genius of salvation
Enlightening us through age’s depth.
Your idol – mind of generation
It harm chains load incinerate.
Any of brilliant idea flight
Is worthy of your talent native.
The Kant’s and Leibnit’s genius creative
Will bring you to future bright.
From heavy chains you will forge
Will call for your idol clever.
And will be guard of peace for ever
The strong arm of your high heroes.
Anew on Ararat of Bible
The aim of future life will fly.
And the enraptured world people
Their ancient cradle will glorify.

10/VI. 1968
Translated from Russion variant, written in 1964y.
Devoted to John and Robert Kennedy

Ode to Peace
Whose laugh is heard in cruel fogs
Whose sight is shining like a lightning
Far away, muffled in the blanket,
Great Zaradustra just revokes.
Is saying: it is time at most
To end disgraceful existence
Your generation will be lost.
And Superman will win as instance:
He shoots the arrows of lightning
To people full of the horror.
And call to day of war destructing
Is standing over all my World.
So stand the World to meet the storm.
To vice requite its correct due,
Transfix it with ray of sky-blue,
And Zaradustra give to World.
Let lion’s growling in desert
Indifference incinerates.
And let then make them from the present
To think about proper fate.
Through the mist of ravine nightly,
To meet the burning morning star,
To own aim so calling brightly,
In battle, work we must go far.
How much in labyrinth are passages
From what of them is better pass.
A moment! Who is in advance?
A huge world, union of nations
Become obstacle great for us.
By various ways all we where going
To enter life, to see the light.
But what must be just our doing?
There is no way without fight.
Why we must to struggle? Really
The children of one stock we are.
And our common aims are clearly
Connected with the sole star.
Whether is senseless the nature,
And life cannot get in to shoal.
The liberty is our creature.
We glorify the All World goal
Its light are shining in the distance
Being for us a guiding star.
Their call to human hearts is instance
To go by way unipolar
Oh man! You are so compromised,
That there isn’t strength to bear your “charm”
And collective was authorized
Trough centuries you overcome.
Oh collective, our protector,
You tame the dust of passions rage,
You build the happiness for people,
You send the satellite like eagle,
Create fruit of your dram’s courage,
But hot, your wrings are smacked swinging,
In fight with chaos Earth’s entity,
To what your efforts just are leading.
Except the plenty horn nourishing
You haven’t other truth and pity.
Let call on us the thinker clearest
The greatest son of fate of world .
Open the face of fine aim nearest,
The’ super empiric’ hero.
You stand alone over Universe silent
Grasping the essence of whole life.
In our life is shining brilliant
Your famous ideas mighty light.
Great Kant is calling us to distance
Where Duty will reach all life Aim
To fight with Fate for us are instance
Russo, Beethoven and Carlyle.
Marks genius and Nits he’s ardor
Are calling to in known flight
And synthesis of all the studies
Will lead us to common light.
Throwing the fetters of Circeya
Creation lights we shall to flame.
Of the Free Will and the Idea
That is the common to World Aim.
To let the man create light hearting
Without hearing groan of war
We must create Wise, Everlasting
United Law of the World.
I’m writing you the Proud Owners
Of every country in my world.
To go with you in fire the peoples
You have sweated solemn oath
And firmly let your hand will direct
People of World to the great fate.
And the mankind to you will erect
The monument of glory great.

Dear Goran Lennmarker!

Two days before I by TV, have listened your speech on regulation of Armenian and Azerbaijan relations. At first, you proposed for Azerbaijan as gain, the return of all their refugees on their initial inhabitance places.
As I know there is approximately the same number of refugees Armenians from Azerbaijani, i.e. from Baku, Kirovabad, Sumgait, Shahumyan region and so on, from where Armenians were prostrated in the almost same time at beginning of 1990 year. As I know near Baku there are organized for demonstration of their heavy situation under open sky, but Armenian refugees, although they all are fixed, were distributed by pansionats, hostels etc., without any propagandistic maneuvers.
For the each unprejudiced personality naturally arises question : possibly the Armenians refugees must not be returned on their initial inhabitance places, because, there, they, without any doubt, will be exposed to same danger as formerly, i.e. in mentioned regions of Azerbaijan thousands of Armenians were killed by various wild ways.
Whether it is privilege of Azerbaijan and even the best Europeans representatives did not think about this very simple comparison. At least for me, truly internationalist, without any difference in position it these very delicate, spiritual questions is surprising way the leading European diplomats raising first one of mentioned problems as thinking personalities, do not raise the second one. You and your colleges, indoubtly from benevolent motives, raise first question, but as I think, you will not speak at your meeting about second one. I apply to the Europeans politics with this appeal since.
For me the European Scientists of last centuries always, were the source of creative ideas and high level of personality.

Bagdoev Alexander George, Correspondent-member of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, doctor phys.-math sci., chief sci. res. of Institute of Mechanics NAS RA, graduated in mech.-math. faculty of Moscow State University, 1950-1958 y. from childhood spend by history, author of three monograph on waves and three verse or odes (1961, 1964, 1975) with historical and ethical, as well as, lyrical aspirations. They are published in Russian in Journal: Inf. Tech and Management, 2007, N10.

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