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: Armenian resorts | : Admin | 18.01.2006, 09:51

The resorts of Hankavan, Areni, Vanadzor, Jermuk, Dilijan, Tsakhkadzor and others are famous throughout Transcaucasia for their magnificent landscapes, mineral springs and the bracing mountaneous air, while mineral springs stand out for their rich chemical consistency and owing to this have certain medicinal qualities. The mineral waters " Arzni", " Sevan", "Jermuk", "Dilijan" are remarkable for their wonderful potable qualities. All around the mineral springs there have been built posh resorts with numerous spas and other facilities.
ARZNI. In a picturesque gorge of the river Hrazdan, at 24 km to the North of Yerevan, 1250 metres above sea level, in the canyon nestles a balneological resort Arzni famos for its mineral water. The healing strength of this water is known since old times but the officcially its countdown as a resort started in 1925. These waters rich in chlorides, hydrocarbonic elements and sodium as well as carbon gas, are used for baths and drinking. They are applied while treating patients with cardio-vascular problems, gastro-intestinal diseases, lever- and metabolism-related complications. The average temperature in the area ranges from +19 in summer to -19 in winter. The bulk of this terrain is covered with woods. Along the Arzni canyon flows the river Hrazdan.

Is one of the oldest resorts in Armenia. It is situated in a marvellos Tsakhkunyats canyon at 1845 m above sea level, among pristine woods and Alpine meadows which in ancient times used to be the hunting area for the armenian kings of the Arshakides dynasty. The climate here is extraordinary with crystal clean air. It`s a year-round resort. The combination of the soft winter and maximum sunny days of 270 makes it all the more attractive. At the same time the snowfalls are pretty intensive, the snow cover rather thick reaching about 1.40 m. The skiing season lasts from mid-November to mid-April. The average highs for January are -3. The negative ionization of air guarantees longevity and tempers against catarros diseases. The 4.5 km long 3-stop ski lift conveys the tourists to the altitude of 2500 m from where opens up a lovely view on the uniquely bizarre Hrazdan gorge. Tsakhkadzor offers topnotch facilities for whatever category of ski-mongers. Slopes of different steep categories the irresistible drive for both profis and amateurs. If there is a need for tips while practicing the know-the-rope instructors are always there for you. The holiday-makers can enjoy the whole range of rest-houses, spas, as well as terrific sporting facilities center. Their bulk have been revamped rather shortly. Tennis, billiard, sauna, swimming-pool, etc. stand for a copios leisurely evening for all the revellers. Running are also different eateries, bars, cafeterias offering choice recipes from armenian cuisine, locally bottled fab wines and brandies, freakish folk performances by the skiffling teams. In short, why don`t you make your rest palatable?
Well, before we forget, this place boasts a magnificent monument from the XI-XIII centuries the Kecharis Monastery.
not far from Tsakhkadzor, in the valley of the river Marmarik 1900 m above sea level flow the hot waters of average mineral consistence (42), (very much like those of Essentuki), rich in bromine, iodine, and boron these waters are used for baths, potable treatment and bottling. The climate is temperate in that summers are rather mild (the average highs for July varying between 16 and 18). Winter is moderately cold (-7 in January). The annual precipitations rate is 600 mm. The sunshine hours per annum equals 2200.
This unadulterated terrain lies at the foot of Mount Aragats - the highest summit on the territory of Armenia. The highest of its four peaks reaches 4090 meters above sea level. The beauty of this mountain has been the source of inspiration for many poets and artists. The surroundings of Byurakan feature marvellous landscapes, freakish cliffs, mazes of underground caves, and quietly rolling rivers. Nearby there are a lot of historical monuments of great interest.
Is located in the province of Taush in the North of the country, in the gorge of the river Argstev. This place enjoys a dry and warm summer (+19 in July). The winter is mild(with 2 average temperature for January). The most intensive season for precipitations is the turn of late spring and early summer, and equals 550 mm. The bulk of the terrain lies at 800-1000 m above sea level. You could be bowled over by the landscapes. All around you can descry deep ravines and jagged mountain slopes covered with immaculate forests lying at 600-2900 m above sea level. These are replete with over 120 kinds of trees: beech, oak,pine, and so on. In the vicinity of town Dilijan and village Fioletovo gushes carbono-alkaline, Borzhom-type water, which is used for potable treatment and bottling. The area of the resort is home to a national presreve.
The outskirts of town are rich in architectural monuments.
Of late in Dilijan, by assistance of USAID, has been set up a tourism information center. Its creation is a stride towards the enhancement of the tourism rating of the country. Now the tourists have access to information relating to hotels, sights,service and excursions. Further improvement of tourism infrastructure is also in the spotlight. In particular there will be installed road signs featuring directions towards the sights.
The provincial town of Jermuk is a terrific resort with cool summer and mild winter, and lies in one of the southern regions of Armenia: Vayots Dzor. Most part of the terrain is occupied by the mountaneous massives, and deep gorges, The resort is situated amidst the zone of benefitial climatic conditions. The town is surrounded by woods and Alpine meadows lying at 2080m above sea level, on the bank of the river Arpa.
The word Jermuk derives from armenian word " jerm" which stands for warm in English, since this underground geyser spring is warm (45-55 C). By its chemical and physical composition and and curative qualities it comes close to that of Karlovi Vari in the Chekh Republic. This water springing from under the ground is used for drinking,inhalations,baths while treating gastro-intestinal,gastroenteric, abdominal, renal, neurological, liver- and diabetes-related diseases.
The region of Gegharkunik lies in the eastern part of Armenia, 1500-1900 m above sea level. The average temperature in winter - 9 , in summer +17-29. Lake Sevan known as Emerald of Armenia, is the largest lake in Caucasus and the largest freshwater lake in the world, and has volcanic origin. Lake Sevan attracts tourists by its divine beauty and magic glamour. This lake is also famous for its fish, especially trouth which Armenians call "ishkhan" that is "prince". This area houses many historical monuments of considerable interest. One of them is a monastery dating back to the 7-th century AD and situated on the peninsula. On the western bank of Sevan near town Gavar spring mineral waters similar to those in Essentuki
Is the third largest town of Armenia, after Yerevan and Gumri. It lies at 145 km away from Yerevan. The population of the town makes about 150 000 inhabitants. It is located in the Lori province. The town used to be called Kirovkan, after Sergey Kirov-a one-time soviet leader- had visited it. Till 1935 the town bore the name Karakilisa which means "black church", due to a black-stone church destroyed in 1828 but newly erected in 1831. This town is located in a hollow plunged in the hug of the nearby mountains of the Pambak and Bazum ridges, at the confluence of the rivers Pambak and Tandzut, at 1350 m above sea level. Three rivers flow through Vanadzor: Tandzut, Pambak, and Vanadzor. With temperate and mild climate winters here are warm and sumers -cool. The average winter highs are -4,2 , in summer +20 . The advantageous geographical location and exuberance in mineral water springs have earned the town the fame of a resort. Vanadzor is extremely rich in archeological monuments.
STEPANAVAN another resort to the North of the capital, on the Lori plateau, at 1400 m above sea level. Called Stepanavan since 1938 this town lies on the river Dzoraget 30 km away from the railroad station Vanadzor. The continental climate is behind the temperate summer (average July highs+ 17) and mild winter ( 4 in JAnuary) with the lasting snow cover. The annual norm of precipitations equals 674 mm. The amount of sunshine hours per annum is 2400. It`s a divine nook on the earth with the ubiquitous needle scent.

The cost of a 1-day stay at Tsakhkadzor starts from AMD7 thousand = $22, Jermuk- within AMD 15 th =$ 45, Aghveran - AMD 18 th =$55, Dilijan - AMD 8,5 th =$25, Sevan--AMD 5 th =$14.
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