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Milestones of the History of Armenian People.
: History of Armenia | : Admin | 17.01.2006, 10:47

III-I millenium BC. The territory was settled by Armenian tribes who started unification and created the ethnic nucleus for the first Armenian statehood.
IX-VI cc BC Formation and development, on the Armenian Plateau, of the state Urartu with the capital in Tushpa.
782 BC Foundation of the town-fortress Erebuni
VI century BC. Decline of Urartu
VI-V centuries BCCompletion of the ethnic formation of the Armenian People
189 BC Creation of the united Armenian kingdom by king Artashes I, foundation of the new capital rtashat, which about 500 years stayed the major center of economic, political and cultural life of ancient Armenia.
189 BC.-20 AD. Armenia under the dynasty of Artashesides
95-56 BC Armenia in the reign of Tigran II the Great. The era of Great Armenia from sea to sea
20 BC. Assassinations by Romans of the last king of the Artasheside dynasty.
the 60-s Expulsion of Romans from Armenia. King Tiridat I (63-80 ) was granted his crown by the roman emperor Nero. Armenian independence restored
63-428 The reign of the Arshakide dynasty. Transfer of the capital to Vagharshapat
III-IV Emergence of feudal relationships in Armenia. Creation of principalities (nakhararutyun)-large agricultural units, which enjoyed authonomy but w ere accountable to the central royal power.
301 Armenians adopt Christianity which becomes the first and only state religion
387 Division of Armenia by Rome and Persia
405 Armenian writing worked out by the genial Mesrop Mashtots.
428 Armenia loses statehood. The country divided into numerous principalities which were subject to the governor appointed by the Persian king.
26 May 451 Vardan Mamikonyan combatting Persians on the river Teghmut ( battle of Avarayr); in 571 Persians expelled from Armenia.
652-855 Armenia conquered by the Arab chalifate and made one of the latter`s administrative units. Continuous sanguinary upheavals against the conquerors.
855 Restoration of armenia statehood. Ashot Bagratuni proclaimed Armenian king
885-1045 Armenia under the rule of the dynasty of Bagratides.
955 The capital transferred to Ani.
1045 Armenia conquered by turks and Byzanth
1080 creation of the Cylician principality by prince Ruben
1080-1375 The rule of the Rubenid dynasty
1236-1243 The Mongol invasion into Armenia
1375 Decline of the Cylician kingdom
1386 The first campaign by Leng-Temur
1441 The return of catolicosate to Echmiatsin
1512-1555 Persian -Turkish wars to divide Armenia
1555 First treaty on the division of Armenia between Turkey and Persia
1604 Compulsory deportation of Armenians to Iran by shah Abbas I
1639 Second treaty on the division of Armenia between Turkey and Persia signed
1671 The archbishop appeals to the Russian czar for support
1723 Invasion of turkish trops into Transcaucasia
1724 Heroical defence of Erivan
1727 Armenians led by David Bek gained victory over turkish troops
1804-1813 The Russian-Persian War
1806-1812 The Russian -Turkish war
12 October 1813 The Gulistan peace treaty signed which provided for the transfer of a part of genuinely armenian areas from Persia to Russia
1826-1828 The II-nd Russian-Perssian War
1 October 1827 Liberation of Erivan
10 February 1828 The Turkmenchai peace treaty signed by which the Erivan and the NAkhichevan khanates were ceded to Russia thus finalizing the integration of East Armenia into Russia, while Armenians from the persian teritories were alowed to settle in East Armenia
1828 . Creation of Armenian region within the Russiajn Empire 2 September 1829 The Andriapol peace treaty signed by which the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea went to Russia
1849 . Creation of Erivan province within the Russian Empire
1878 March Conclusion of San-Stefano treaty which envisaged the integration into Russia of the provinces of Batumi,Ardaghan,Ghars,Bayazet and the Alashkert Valley. One of its articles required from the Sultan Government the implementation of the reforms in West Armenia and the guaranties of security for the Armenian population. However this treaty did not enter into force and soon was abrogated.
1878 July. The Berlin Treaty signed which revised the San-Stefano treaty and left unsolved the Armenian issue
1895-1896 Armenian pogroms in Turkey
1915 Armenians deported to the deserts of Syria and Messopotamia and massacred there
1915 , 24 April Annihilation of Armenian intelligentsia in Konstantinopl
1918 Armenian people at war with the turkish troops at Sardarapat,Gharakilis, and Bash-Aparan.
28 May 1918 Restoration of Armenian statehood, declaration of the Republic of Armenia.
29 November 1920 Soviet power esatblished in Armenia henceforth declared Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia
27 April 1921 In Zangezur was declared the Republic of Highland Armenia with Nezhdeh as prime-minister.
23 September 1991 . Armenia declared Independence

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